Language: Arabic
Our Mission
Real Dreams Trips Co. strives to organize distinguished and professional trips in cooperation with sister companies emphasizing the spiritual, physical and personal aspects for the participants.

The trips are carefully planned to contain training programs, enlightenment sessions, social activities to provide joy and satisfaction.

Real Dreams Trips has developed over the years to make these goals clearly achievable.

RDT strives to live the following mission:

"making creative purposeful tourist products and building satisfactory  relations with clients through providing high class services, well chosen  places, and professional team work".

RDT team intends to do that by:

- Organizing healing and uplifting trips.
- Providing programs and environments that help make personal
   developments and changes.
- Helping people seeking enlightenment build positive networks.

Our History:

It started 2003 as a program organized for our client in Maldives. We were trying (Al-Rashed Center) a few days away from the daily busy life of most us, living the moments in joy, learning and recreation. It was just a training program with some fun tours aside in the presence of positive attitude people. So profound was the effect of the trip that we decided to make it complete project rather than just a training program of Al-Rashed Center.

The Points of Balance:

We humans live in a universe effected by universal laws. One of these major laws in the Law of Balance. Life always balances itself. If balance is provided then life lows smoothly otherwise powers around interfere to balance.

The tour main aspects of balance for the human is:

1- Spiritual.
2- Physical.
3- Mental.
4- Social.

Every aspect is important in the system. Every aspect plays an important role to maintain balance. From that theory we organize our trips carefully to create generates for personal change through balance.